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The World is Not Flat. It is probabaly flat if you are the CEO of an MNC with a network of executives, branch offices and collaborators at your disposal.

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But if you are just starting out .. the world is not flat. The Internet is the only network that brings your competitors and collaborators together. You have to seek the opportunity and you have to find ways and means to fulfill it.

Network Thinking is a technique to process a data network. New data networks have to be created with your data. Two fundamental properties of networks: Network Position and Network Movement have to be considerd.

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Social Networking users can identify a private network of other users - their social network. Email, blogs and social networking are means to publish. But the publication is in text format. Now suppose there is a private network of data. The network includes the text and network charcateristics that help process the text. Such a network can lead to Network Thinking.
Interesting Papers

As We May Think - Vannervar Bush

Complex Systems: Network Thinking -  Melanie Mitchell

Decision Making in Very Large Networks -  Peter J. Denning and Rick Hayes-Roth

Identity and search in social networks - Duncan J. Watts, Peter Sheridan Dodds, and M. E. J. Newman

Smart Business Networks - Eric van Heck and Peter Vervest

Swarm Intelligence - Eric Bonabeu and Christopher Meyer

The Nature of the Firm - R. H. Coase

The Use of Knowledge in Society - Freidrich Hayek

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